Our strategic position has allowed us to also focus on the cruise world, which by its nature requires excellent performance to assist ships staying in the port for less than 12 hours. Thanks to our “CARGO HANDLING” department, CFFT assists to the loading and unloading of all types of goods, offers customs and veterinary formalities and enables the staff of the ship to organize quality control and K9 under ideal circumstances. We also offer assistance for the “reverse logistics” and worldwide distribution of all landed goods.

Our company can offer storage for dry, frozen and chilled products and has specific authorizations for the storage of both EU and NON-EU goods, goods with CE stamp and tax-exemption warehouses. Therefore, CFFT is the ideal partner for cruise companies and their contractors in order to optimise the management of their supply chain. Our IT systems allow customers to have access to a web interface where they can monitor the stock and the processing status of their orders until the goods are delivered.